Hello, is there anybody in there?

I have a horrible feeling that my first module casualty of the year may be about to fall. In one module, we were given an assignment, put into groups, then sent on our merry way to complete it. Only here’s the thing: we were given the assignment on a Thursday. On the Friday, I would be leaving Birmingham for two weeks. The deadline for the assignment is on Tuesday, two days after I return to Brum.

So I’ve had to communicate with my group by email. I emailed them on that first Monday to let them know what I was going to do, then sent another on Wednesday with the results I’d come up with. I didn’t hear back until Friday – almost a week with no contact, and no idea what they were doing. Then I had an email the following Tuesday, then finally a flurry on the Thursday just gone.

What is extremely worrying is that they seem to have no real clue as to what they’re doing, but the assignment is the sort of thing I do for a living. They only seriously asked my advice on Thursday, five days before deadline date. I tried to provide it, but being so far away it wasn’t immediately obvious what they were doing. This morning it dawned on me that they have taken completely the wrong approach, and it’s now too late to change things.


From the original by @gaijinsan21. I have amended it only to add my own name:

This first appeared as a series of messages on Twitter, and that’s probably where it is best seen. But for those who asked (thank you!) here are my thoughts on Article 10:

A lot of what is going on this week, Aung San Suu Kyi, #twitterjoketrial, @baskers, all comes down to one thing. Freedom of speech.

Now we have members of the London Assembly saying they will suspend the right to protest because they can’t afford to police it.

So I just wanted to say this. My name is Greg. That doesn’t mean a thing to any one of you.

My name is @gregeden. I have a right to freedom of speech. It is not a gift you may revoke if you find it inconvenient or costly.

It is my right and it is guaranteed to me by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. It therefore supersedes your authority.

I will not use disclaimers. Article 10 does not require that I use disclaimers.

I will not tell you when I am making a joke. Article 10 does not require that I tell you when I am making a joke.

I will not moderate my language. FUCK THAT SHIT. Article 10 does not require that I moderate my language.

I will not be intimidated out of my rights by poor application of the law. Article 10 protects me from poor application of the law.

I will not allow you to propagate bullshit about terrorism to keep me scared. I will use my Article 10 rights to inform myself and others.

Freedom of expression is my right, guaranteed to me by Article 10. If you want it you can take it from my cold dead hands.

But if you try, remember #IAmSpartacus. Because my name is Legion, and I am many.