Daddy’s Princess: Jealous Fathers, Past and Present

Rachel E. Moss

This week an article by Ferrett Steinmetz has been doing the rounds. Titled “Dear Daughter: I hope you have awesome sex”, it’s a response to the popular trope of the father who protects his daughter’s honour. There was even a popular American TV series based around this idea. The “eight rules” of the television programme became the internet meme “Ten Rules for Dating My Daughter”, which has become so popular that various sites are selling it in t-shirt form. The wording varies a little, but the general feel is the same. Take this example:

The front of this particular t-shirt features the slogan: “Get the 411 before you need the 911“, meaning for the low sum of $22 you too can threaten your daughter’s suitors with the danger of death or serious injury.

I would hope that most of my readers would see why these “rules” are…

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