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What are you gonna vote?

Crowd (in unison): None of the above!

The news of late is full of more tales of politicians becoming ever-more removed from the needs of the country and the reality of their decisions. It is very difficult to see who I would vote for in 2015 based on the current state of the main parties.

  • Con: seemingly ideologically driven to sell off as much of the state as they can, demonising the poor, the sick and the foreign along the way while making life ever more difficult.
  • Lab: haven’t made a particularly credible opposition to the coalition, difficult to see how they would do well in government.
  • LD: cravenly abandoned most of their principles for a chance of power.
  • Green: would ideally love to vote for them, but too many wacky/quacky ideas to be a serious contender.
  • UKIP: “Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce.”

So yeah, “none of the above” seems to be winning at the moment. Pity.


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