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Yours, Clueless in Hades New Town

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Just mucking about with words. Thoughts may not be my own.

I would like to be certain.

It must feel like a much more secure position.

I read people who are certain. I watch them on discussion shows. I hear them on radio phone ins. It don’t think it’s an act. They are sure that they are sure.

Unfortunately, due to the company I keep and the books on my shelves, my ignorance is flamboyant. Each effort to cure it just puts another peacock feather in it. The problem with being driven by curiosity rather than a raging desire to be right, is that your 100%, definite, this is the correct answer, the right way forward, the dogma that drives me to Olympus, gets further and further away.

Politics seems the hardest to grasp. It’s news coverage seems to be driven by creating penny dreadful melodramas, so the facts seem…

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